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Reusable Silicone Straws for Special Needs Children – A Parent’s Perspective

At Softy Straws, one of the most rewarding parts of our day-to-day is hearing from our awesome customers and learning how our straws make their lives a little easier. Nothing brings us more joy as when we hear from parents of special needs children where Softy Straws have positively impacted their child’s life. We recently […]

Reusable Straws Cleaning and Sanitation Guide

The reusability of silicone straws, because of the strength and durability of silicone, is one of its primary features, but reusability demands sanitation. We at Softy Straws put as our highest priority the ease of cleaning and sanitation of our straws. This is why we include our patent pending “squeegee” cleaner in every packet of […]

Reusable Straws for Resorts, Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships – The Business Case

The Business Case for Reusable Straws in the Hospitality Industry The push for a removal of single-use plastic straws presents a challenge for many businesses, such as resorts, hotels, etc. However, with the emergence of reusable straws as a new retail item, this challenge provides a new and profitable opportunity for savvy business operators. The […]

What are the Best Silicone Straws (Not All are Created Equal)

As an environmentally conscious consumer (and drinker), you don’t want more throw-away plastic filling our landfills or waterways and instead have opted to use reusable straws. One of the most popular types of reusable straws are those made from silicone (for a comparison of silicone vs other straw materials see our blog post: here) silicone […]

Best Straws for Yeti Tumbler

Yeti tumblers are among the most popular tumbler on the market today. The top selling Yeti tumblers include the 30oz Yeti Rambler as well as their smaller sized 20oz Rambler Tumbler. Some close alternative competitors to Yeti include rTic, Ozark, and Starbucks. While Yeti’s do come with a lid, they do not come with a […]