About Softy Straws

Safety & Testing

Softy Straws is committed to providing the very best and safest reusable straws for you and your family. What does that mean? It means investing extra to use high grade silicone, and having each batch inspected by the FDA for purity and consistency. The result is a simple, reliable product that you and your family can feel safe using.

Say No to Plastic

It’s incredibly depressing and embarrassing that as a society we dump so much 1-use plastic into our oceans and landfills. We think the use of plastic in disposable straws is a habit we all ought to kick – and instead focus on eco-friendly reusables, such as our silicone Straws.

Everyday Straws 

Our loyal customers make a habit of using our straws every day. In their morning smoothie, in their post workout meal supplement, and in their 30 oz Tumbler for hydration. So, whether you’re using straws to drink a cold press coffee in your mason jar, or need to upgrade the straw in your 30oz Yeti Rambler, we hope you choose to use a Softy Straw. 



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