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smoothie straws

9″ Long, Wide Diameter Silicone Smoothie Straws + Straw Squeegee

Perfect for Mason Jars, Blender Bottles & 20 or 30 oz Tumblers

Silicone Straws Beat Out Traditional Plastic Straws

Absolutely am in love with these silicone reusable straws. I was looking for a straw that was longer 
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10.5″ Extra Length Silicone Tumbler Straws + Straw Squeegee

Perfect for 30oz Tumblers and Taller Drinking Vessels such as Starbucks, Alladin, Bubba, Yeti, Rtic & Weck Mason Jars

Eco-Friendly and Fun!

Honestly, I bought this because I have tall insulated cups that needed a friend…like a straw.
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reusable tumbler straws
20oz tumbler straws

8.25″ Long, Standard Diameter Silicone Straws + Straw Squeegee

Perfect for Nalgene Bottles, Mason Jars, 20 oz Tumblers or Cut down for your kids cups

Similar to Standard Straws

Good size – width is similar to standard disposable drinking straws. I like that the set comes with a cleaner. Is just what I was looking fo
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