We all love drinking straws -- but we Americans use over 500 million disposable straws every single day.  Let that sink in... 😭

Why not use an awesome, healthy, reusable, BPA free straw alternative? 🌎 Our reusable silicone straws + Straw Squeegee will put a stop to you being part of this embarrassing statistic. 

softy_straws_and_squeegee_close_up_3 copy.jpg

9.25" Length, Wide Diameter Curved Silicone Smoothie Straws + Straw Squeegee


8.25" Silicone Straws for 20 oz Tumblers + Straw Squeegee


10.5" Silicone Straws for 30 oz Tumblers + Straw Squeegee