Reusable Straws Cleaning and Sanitation Guide

The reusability of silicone straws, because of the strength and durability of silicone, is one of its primary features, but reusability demands sanitation.

We at Softy Straws put as our highest priority the ease of cleaning and sanitation of our straws. This is why we include our patent pending “squeegee” cleaner in every packet of Softy Straws.

Cleaning The Entire Straw

Straw construction by design has a very closed environment that could be difficult to clean. Refuse from drinks, especially thick products such as smoothies, shakes and even chocolate milk, will cling to the inner straw lining. If any of this product, particularly dairy related, remains in the straw for any length of time, bacteria will thrive in this environment. It is for this reason, to ensure maximum sanitation, all residue must be removed from the straw before hot water cleaning/sanitation.

The Softy Straw Squeegee is the best tool on the market for removing product residue from a used straw.


Straw Cleaning Squeegee features:

  • The squeegee is designed to snugly slide through the Softy Straw removing residue just as a window squeegee removes water off of glass.
  • Because Softy Straws come in a choice of length and diameters, the accompanying squeegee is specifically sized to clean those straws.
  • The squeegee is made of the same food grade silicone as the straws themselves, allowing for hot water sanitation along with the straws.
  • Because the squeegee is made of soft silicone, it will not scratch or damage the straw lining. “Pipe cleaner” type brushes can scratch and score the straw lining leading to potentially dangerous bacteria “pockets”.
  • Because of the tight tolerances of the squeegee, the squeegee does a more thorough job of cleaning debris from the straw than does a brush.
  • Because the squeegee is a patent pending product, you will only find this type device included with a Softy Straw purchase.


In summary:

Thorough cleaning and sanitation is essential for any reusable straw. The Softy Straw, with its highly effective squeegee, affords its users the best process for cleaning and sanitizing of any reusable straws on the market.


Softy Straws is a U.S. company that controls the production and distribution of its straws and squeegee cleaners.  For more details regarding these products, please check out our other related blogs.

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