Best Straws for Yeti Tumbler

Yeti tumblers are among the most popular tumbler on the market today. The top selling Yeti tumblers include the 30oz Yeti Rambler as well as their smaller sized 20oz Rambler Tumbler. Some close alternative competitors to Yeti include rTic, Ozark, and Starbucks. While Yeti’s do come with a lid, they do not come with a reusable straw and if they do, it’s a cheap plastic straw. There are several zero waste reusable straw options made from plastic, stainless steel metal, glass and silicone — each with their own advantages and disadvantages, such as being the right length, BPA free, and safe for kids and dishwasher ready. Below we discuss what is the best reusable straws for Yeti Rambler Tumblers.

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Best Straw Size for Yeti Tumblers

The first thing to consider when looking for the best straw for your Yeti tumbler is length. Below we detail the height of 20oz and 30oz Yeti tumblers:

  • 20 oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler Height: 6 7/8”
  • 30 oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler Height: 7 7/8”

The ideal height of a straw for your Yeti tumbler is the height plus an additional 2 – 3” for ideal drinkability. This means, for a 20oz Yeti tumbler, the ideal straw length is around 8” to 9”. For a 30oz Yeti Tumbler, the ideal straw length is 10” – 11”.

Best Drinking Straw Material:

The best straw material can depend somewhat on how the straws are being used, who is using them, and what is being drunk. Here are the the pros and cons of silicone, glass, plastic and metal reusable straws:



  • Plastic straws have a cheap cost
  • Plastic straws come in several size and color options
  • Plastic tumbler straws have molded stoppers to stay in a tumbler lid


  • Plastic tumbler straws are not always BPA free & BPS free
  • Plastic tumbler straws can crack and splinter under extreme temperatures
  • Plastic tumbler straws can melt and leach chemicals when hot
  • Plastic tumbler straws are hard enough to poke eyes and throat
  • Some plastic tumbler straws are not dishwasher safe
  • Sometimes plastic straws have an unpleasant, toxic tasting flavor
  • Plastic straws are not recommended for kids and toddlers

Stainless Steel Straws


  • Metal straws have an appetizing look and appearance
  • Metal straws do not break
  • Metal straws are dishwasher safe
  • Metal straws provide rigidity and stiffness that some people prefer
  • Most metal / stainless steel straws are BPA free
  • Metal straws generally do not have an unpleasant flavor
  • Stainless steel straws have a fairly cheap price tag


  • Metal tumbler straws can cause physical harm by poking eyes and throat
  • Some stainless steel straws are coated with chemicals to prevent rusting that can leach
  • Metal straws become extremely cold when drinking smoothies – which can be uncomfortable
  • Metal straws can damage teeth when biting
  • Metal straws are not recommended for children and toddlers that might chew and bite their straws
  • Due to their hardness and sharpness, metal straws are not recommended for kids and toddlers
  • Cheap stainless steel straws may rust if scratched or exposed to chemicals



  • Glass straws are generally non-toxic and free from most carcinogens such as BPA and BPS
  • Glass straws are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Glass straws are tasteless and appetizing
  • If kept unbroken, glass straws are long lasting and therefore eco-friendly


  • Glass straws can easily break
  • Some glass straws contain trace amounts of lead
  • Broken and chipped glass straws can be very dangerous
  • Glass straws are hard, which can result in throat and eye gouges
  • Glass straws are not biteable, and can cause chipped teeth
  • Glass straws are not recommended for kids and toddlers as they easily break and can present a health hazard
  • Quality glass straws can be expensive



  • Silicone straws are non-toxic & free from carcinogens such as BPA and BPS
  • Silicone straws are safe for kids and adults to bite down on and will not chip teeth or gouge throats and eyes
  • Silicone straws can be cut shorter to perfectly fit most tumblers
  • Molded silicone tumblers straws have stoppers which keep them from escaping the id
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher, with a cleaning brush, or straw squeegee
  • Silicone straws come in different, fun colors
  • Silicone straws do not break


  • Some customers do not prefer the bendy, somewhat soft nature of silicone straws
  • Quality silicone straws are more expensive than plastic or metal and similar compared to the cost of glass straws
  • Some brands of silicone straws can collapse when drinking thick milkshakes – make sure to buy a high-quality silicone straw
  • Some cheap brands of silicone straws have been reported to have a slight silicone odor

So, grading the straws out:

Best Straws for Safety:

The safest straws in terms of being non-toxic and safe for kids are made from silicone. Glass, metal, and plastic straws are hard – which can result in chipped teeth, poked eyes, and throat gouges.

Easiest Straws to Clean

Silicone, glass and metal straws are all easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. Plastic straws can melt in the dishwasher

Recommended Straw for Yeti Tumblers

Based on the pros and cons of each straw material, the best straws for a Yeti tumbler are silicone tumbler straws. We recommend our 8.25” silicone straws for 20oz Yeti tumblers & our 10.5” silicone tumbler straws for 30oz yeti tumblers

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