Sustainability Scholarship

One of the primary missions at Softy Straws® is to encourage the use of reusable products in order to decrease waste and the production of unnecessary goods. We estimate that over the years, millions of disposable straws have been avoided because our awesome customers have chosen, instead, to use reusables.

However, we know this is a pretty small thing in the grand scheme of things. Really, it takes effort from us all – businesses and individuals alike, to impact real change in protecting and revitalizing Earth’s most vulnerable ecosystems

To encourage the next generation to make eco driven personal decisions, Softy Straws® issues a quarterly scholarship of $1000 to a student who has creatively demonstrated ecologically responsibility in their day-to-day lives.

Apply for our scholarship below — don’t worry it just takes a couple of minutes! 

How it works 

  • Apply below — all students are eligible!
  • Next submission due date: June 20, 2022
  • We review your submissions after the due date.
  • The chosen recipient will be mailed their scholarship check

“It wasn’t a huge amount, but as a student, it was helpful for living expenses and also nice to feel some reward for my personal efforts to live sustainably!”


Due Date: June 20, 2022

Topic: Simply write a paragraph or two about one personal habit you’ve taken up which helps to minimize the waste you create in your day-to-day life!

** All submissions are kept private

    Some Words from Previous Recipients

    I discovered the scholarship on our schools website and quickly applied by describing some things I had been doing in my life to be an environmental steward such as some volunteer work I’ve been doing. Sure enough they selected me as the “winner” and sent me a check! Thank you!

    I’m learning about climate change and environmental impact at University, and am quite passionate about the topic (and the earth). In my application I described positive impacts I’m hoping to achieve in my career as an Engineer. Thanks so much. School is expensive and every bit helps 🙂